Wine Tasting

Besides tasting Siroco, BIN nº27 and 10 year old Tawny please note that tastings-by-the-glass of different sytles are also available so you can discover the diversity of Port Wine.

Siroco and BIN nº27

Siroco and BIN nº27

Tawnies are excellent accompaniment to many deserts. They can also be served slightly chilled, particularly in warm weather.

10 Anos/Year (€1,45)

20 Anos/Year (€2,95)

40 Anos/Year (€10,80)

Our first experience with organic viticulture goes back to 1992 when Bruce Guimaraens decided to convert part of Quinta do Panascal to organic production. Terra Prima is the first organic Port to be produced in the Douro. Both the wine and the fortifying spirit have full organic certification.

Fonseca Terra Prima Organic Port (€1,15)

Fonseca Unfiltered LBV is the perfect finish to any meal. Excellent with fully flavoured cheeses or with desserts made with chocolate or berry fruits.

Fonseca Unfiltered LBV 2003 (€1,10)

Fonseca Vintage Ports are often the preferred choice of the enthusiast and connoisseur, wines born of inspired and passionate winemaking and a thorough understanding of viticulture and terroir.

Fonseca Vintage 2007 (€5,85)

You can also ask for a refreshing “Siroptimo” (2,55€) or, should you prefer, reserve a tailor-made tasting including some excellent Fonseca Vintages.

"Siroptimo" (Siroco and tonic)

"Siroptimo" (Siroco and tonic)


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