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Visit Quinta do Panascal on #PortDay!

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By now we are sure that you have already heard about #PortDay.
If not, we will tell you that this is a unique event that encourages the celebration of a truly inimitable wine that only comes from Portugal. Consumers from around the world are encouraged to participate in the celebration of this authentic wine and raise awareness about the need to protect the Port name.
One of the best ways to celebrate PortDay is to visit the Douro valley region and our beautiful Quinta do Panascal.

On 27th   January we will offer you a 10% discount in our wine shop! You can also join Port Day by sharing the photos of your visit to Panascal.

Mor info on #Portday


Fall in the Douro valley is a glorious time!

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Fall is one of our favorite time of year because of its beauty and calmness. Here are some pics from the Autumn season in Quinta do Panascal taken this week.

Come and visit us. You can also take great fall photos !

Life at Panascal…

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At Quinta do Panascal, life doesn’t get much better than sitting outside on a warm, sunny day; gazing over the Távora Valley vineyards; and enjoying fine food and wine….

The lovely pergola at Panascal

Some local delicacies: roasted almonds, "bolinhos de bacalhau", fresh lemonade...

... and what about this "bolo borrachão" (traditional cake)? Yummy!

The blending art

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“THE BLENDING ART”  at quinta do Panascal

It is a game whose aim is to challenge the players to produce a blend of an old Tawny. Each group will be provided with bottles of Port , pipettes, beakers and funnels.  The final evaluation will be made by a blind tasting. Each group will designate a taster and all the blends will then be tasted and accessed by the tasters.  A custom-made label is also required!

At the end we will surely have a winner…


For further info contact

A day to remember!

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Last September Panascal received a lovely group of visitors from the USA.  Apart from a visit to the vineyard and a delicious lunch, the group wanted to see an opening of a Vintage Port with tongs. To this end, they chose a perfect wine: Fonseca Vintage 1994 (100 points – Wine Spectator and No. 1 position on Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 list for 1997) !

To start: a Fonseca 1985 Vintage Port (great wine!) was opened and then ….

… The big moment… The legendary Fonseca 1994!

Mary Beth Lewis, the leader of the group, proved to be a courageous woman because she was the one who opened this precious nectar. Well done Mary Beth!

James Suckling. The Wine Spectator, April 1997 – 100 Points

“Hold on to your hat. This is the best Fonseca since 1977 – probably even better than that of the legendary vintage – more like the breathtaking 1948. Masses of color, aroma and fruit flavor. Big, full bodied and very sweet, with tons of tannins and a sweet finish.”

Day 5 at Quinta do Panascal !

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Harvest 2010 – Day 5 at the beautiful Quinta do Panascal in Valença do Douro.  Check out the awesome  pics…

A wooden tool ("macaco") is used to punch down the floating cap during fermentation in order to maximise the extraction of colour, aroma and flavour.

Fermenting must

Baskets full of grapes are transported to the inside of the winery

The wine crusher is used to gently crush the grape skin before they go into the lagar

Harvest details

The 2010 harvest has officially started!

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Day 1 at Quinta do Panascal !

We look foward to your visit! During the months of September and October Quinta do Panascal visitors’ centre is open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm.

CONTACT US. SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK: Do you have a question, comment, suggestion? Do you want a share a photo of your visit?

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