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Merry Christmas!

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From all of us at quinta do Panascal:  Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!

Visit us during the holidays and enjoy a delicious Port wine tasting.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.

Except Friday Dec 23rd (closed to the public)


Marron glacé – they are back!

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The authentique marron glacé (Candied chestnuts) requires the expertise of a confiseur.

The process is slow but, trust us this is heaven! Indeed, the chestnuts are carefully selected and then slowly crystallized in (different) vanilla syrups.

Quinta do Panascal autumn pairing: Fonseca 20 Year & Neuhaus’ marron glacé –  €5,25 per person

And the 2011 harvest will start….

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… next Tuesday, 13rd September!

Here follows some pics from last year:

Old terraces - Picking the grapes


Fonseca’s special vindima baskets


The traditional lagares


The traditional “ramo” marks the end of the harvest

While we wait for the harvest to start….

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 Harvest is just around the corner. While we wait for a date we pamper ourselfs …. We all lead such busy lives these days and sometimes you need to take some time out, relax an enjoy the good things in life.

Boat trip on the Douro and Távora rivers

Enjoying a delicious roast


And for desert a yummy leite creme (Crème caramel) paired with a Fonseca 10 Year Old

How can you resist? Programs including a boat trip and a meal at Fonseca Quinta Panascal are a must do!

If you are coming with a party larger than 10 people please contact us and reserve in advance.

As for the 2011 harvest:  Stay tuned!

Life at Panascal…

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At Quinta do Panascal, life doesn’t get much better than sitting outside on a warm, sunny day; gazing over the Távora Valley vineyards; and enjoying fine food and wine….

The lovely pergola at Panascal

Some local delicacies: roasted almonds, "bolinhos de bacalhau", fresh lemonade...

... and what about this "bolo borrachão" (traditional cake)? Yummy!

The blending art

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“THE BLENDING ART”  at quinta do Panascal

It is a game whose aim is to challenge the players to produce a blend of an old Tawny. Each group will be provided with bottles of Port , pipettes, beakers and funnels.  The final evaluation will be made by a blind tasting. Each group will designate a taster and all the blends will then be tasted and accessed by the tasters.  A custom-made label is also required!

At the end we will surely have a winner…


For further info contact

Springtime has arrived at Quinta do Panascal

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After one of the coldest, wettest winters we can remember, springtime has finally arrived at Quinta do Panascal.

Spring is the time of year that life comes back to the Douro valley and it is unquestionably one of the most interesting periods to visit the wine estates (quintas).

The sweet smell of flowers in the air, beautiful weather, the warmth of the sun and wild flowers blooming… All of these are indicators that spring has arrived …

These are a glimpse at the beautiful scenery that you can find at Quinta do Panascal in the month of April.

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