Harvest at Panascal

Harvest (“vindima” in Portuguese)

The harvest is really the most active time in the yearly cycle, when pickers from the local villages come to work on the vineyards for 2- 3 weeks. Most pickers will tend to return to the same vineyard and take huge pride in hearing about the wines that had produced in previous years.

The picking (by hand) usually starts between the 12th and 20th of September. The grapes are taken to the “adega” (winery) for pressing. At Quinta do Panascal all grapes from the property are still trodden by foot in large stone tanks called lagares.


Treading is not done for show – maceration by human foot brings out the full concentration of flavor from the grape skin, from which it draws a deeper color. This is probably the most interesting time of the year to visit Panascal. During the vindima, the estate is open to the public and visitors are allowed to watch all works*  


In order to fully enjoy the experience we recommend you reserve a traditional “vindima lunch” including a typical dish of the harvest.

* Visitors are not allowed to participate in the picking of the grapes/stomping





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    I just wanted to say how much I love/enjoy
    your Fonseca Porto Bin #27. It has a very
    smooth taste and wonderful flavor.

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