A day to remember!

Last September Panascal received a lovely group of visitors from the USA.  Apart from a visit to the vineyard and a delicious lunch, the group wanted to see an opening of a Vintage Port with tongs. To this end, they chose a perfect wine: Fonseca Vintage 1994 (100 points – Wine Spectator and No. 1 position on Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 list for 1997) !

To start: a Fonseca 1985 Vintage Port (great wine!) was opened and then ….

… The big moment… The legendary Fonseca 1994!

Mary Beth Lewis, the leader of the group, proved to be a courageous woman because she was the one who opened this precious nectar. Well done Mary Beth!

James Suckling. The Wine Spectator, April 1997 – 100 Points

“Hold on to your hat. This is the best Fonseca since 1977 – probably even better than that of the legendary vintage – more like the breathtaking 1948. Masses of color, aroma and fruit flavor. Big, full bodied and very sweet, with tons of tannins and a sweet finish.”


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