Quinta do Panascal at BTL 2010

Our first experience with organic viticulture goes back to 1992 when Bruce Guimaraens decided to convert part of Quinta do Panascal to organic production. This vineyard was the first organic vineyard in the Douro Valley and continues today to be a critical reference to all of our viticultural practices in our viticulture today. The experience and comfort that we have obtained from the past thirteen years of organic viticulture has led to dramatic changes to the way we manage all of our non-organic vineyards and the technical advice that we pass on to our grape suppliers. Not only have we returned to the use of sulphur and copper sulphate (Bordeaux mixture) as natural substances with very good results in our region, we have introduced new viticultural practices to our vineyards, such as grass covers, that originate from the experience obtained in our organic vineyard.

Terra Prima is the first organic port to be produced in the Douro. Both the wine and the fortifying spirit have full organic certification.

Fonseca Terra Prima Porto

Fonseca Terra Prima : A wonderfully rich, concentrated Port with great flavour and texture. It has an opulent black fruit nose which is followed through on the palate showing layers of intense berry, plum and cherry fruit flavours supported by firm, but well integrated tannins. This is a deliciously textured Reserve Port which is velvety, smooth, succulent and plump. It is particularly good with blue-veined and richly flavoured soft cheeses. It is also delicious with bitter chocolate.

On Thursday, 14th January we had the honour of presenting Terra Prima during BTL 2010 (Lisbon Tourism Fair). In addition to this innovative tasting visitors and guest were also given the opportunity of pairing a lovely Fonseca 10 Year old tawny with orange peels.

The famous Chef Chakall tasted the Fonseca Terra Prima


Dr. António Martinho, Presidente of Turismo do Douro, toasting with Terra Prima

Terra Prima will soon be available for tasting at Quinta do Panascal, our magnificent visitor’s centre in the Douro Valley.


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