Fonseca is pleased to announce the declaration of the 2007 vintage. According to house tradition, the announcement was made in the morning of St. George’s Day, 23rd April.

Commenting on the declaration, Fonseca’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge, said: “The quality of the 2007 wines from the Fonseca estates has been impressive from the start. The year brought out the best in all the traditional grape varieties and as a result the wines are beautifully balanced and complete, with the wonderful quality of fruit that we expect to find in a Fonseca vintage port.”

Winemaker David Guimaraens noted: “What distinguished 2007 were the relatively cool but sunny conditions in early summer, producing very even ripening, followed by some heat prior to the harvest to bring the crop to maturity. This has given the wines an excellent acid balance and a wonderfully fresh and vibrant fruitiness.” He added: “The benefits of Fonseca’s major investment in Quinta do Panascal which started three decades ago are apparent in the rich, dense and powerfully fruity wines that this property is now producing. They account for the volume and texture of the Fonseca 2007 vintage blend.”

Tasting note:
Impenetrable inky black colour with purple highlights. As would be expected of Fonseca, the nose is dominated by a massively potent and concentrated fruitiness, packed with dense blackcurrant and blackberry aromas. Notes of coffee and exotic wood and hints of wild herbs and mint. The palate is rich and luscious, with thick velvety and wonderfully well integrated tannins enveloped in succulent jammy fruit and rich dark chocolate flavours.

Fonseca 2007

Fonseca 2007


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